by ADG.

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RErecorded, REmastered, REmixed. ALL FOR YOU! Give this album a spin and enjoy the new improved sounds. Vibe it out!

I apologize for the delay due to problems with Internet at home. This album will now be uploaded for all to listen.


released August 11, 2014



all rights reserved


ADG. Boston, Massachusetts

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Track Name: Longest Distance
Memories fading in the long distance
Issues remain in my existence
What do I have to resist?
That’s when I said as I kissed

Complicated personalities unveil
Over the months and the outcome
Has developed a tragic tear in the
Stream of bliss, but is it a risk to take?

I answer this to myself and
Think of the many bitches
I left behind, playing out
My cards to find the rarest
I call my best
I know I’m sorry
But I long what I could have been
And these shortcomings make this structure weak
I ain’t mourning what I had, numb to an unfulfilled
Purpose in the longest distance
The longest distance
The longest distance
The longest distance

I know I’m so gone
And I try to resist
But I don’t answer for nothing
I told you I’m just another bird
Saying farewell, I’m distant
Don’t think I’m in this relation, I’m jumpin
Ship from this mystery, sorry I gave away my history
But you couldn’t stick with me, now you go and look at me
Like I’m the same ol’ G, you know already
You already know I’ll fly away
You already know I’ll fly away

Take me to the lighthouse
This lighthouse
I need to mourn what I’ve lost
Take me to the lighthouse
This lighthouse
I need to mourn what I've lost
Track Name: Lighthouses (Part 1)
Calm warm and steady light
Watching over us tonight
I swear heaven's close
But your spirit lies in our souls
What you chose gives me meaning to life
How do you mourn what wasn't foretold?
In this cold cruel storm

Though I wish I was there
To pay my final respects
I listen, I listen to the songs of the light

Watching over us
Bringing warmth from the cold
Of these broken souls, All that's left
To behold is your memory, memory
Track Name: Lighthouses (Part 2)
Here we go, here we go again
Here we go, here we go again
Here we go, here we go again

My memory keeps creeping
Into me, I can’t stop thinking
About what I’ve loved and lost
But what’s the highest cost I’ve got to pay
To confess what I can say and I got to let it out
In this lighthouse
This lighthouse, this lighthouse
This lighthouse

I don’t got much of a life
I sleep alone every night, damn
This racing mind, I’m working out
My body, keep pushing to write
Good songs about what I’ve known
In this life, I see memories
Come and go like my friends that had a kid
And married, Did they laugh with me
Or was it at me cause I keep searching
For a purpose, whos with me, hope many
Ain’t against me and everyone survives

In my memories, ohhh
My memories, ohhh
It’s all in my memories, ohhh
My memories, ohhh

Patterns form, it’s hard to change a
Lonely man who loves the ladies
With cold hands, warm heart and
I need to be showered with love
I’ve left some high and dry and I’ve encountered
Long distance, and when the distance is unbearable
Or it didn’t work out, I’ll admit sometimes I was astray, see I’ve flirted and doubted
For my sanity because I know some bitches lied to me
With bad intentions, no one told me how they felt
And didn’t know how to handle me, I’ve apologized
On and on for my mistakes but you don’t accept
Your fault and I wish I could be someone different
From what was diagnosed, misunderstood for life
Because maybe everyone would like me
And they would stop and stare then
What a wonderful world it would be
But all I have for now is my

Memory, ohhh
My memory
My memory, ohh
My memory

Mom and Dad want me to live my life
But what’s my life without a purpose
If my mind was chasing all day every day
What’s the meaning for me?
Why am I living?
What’s the meaning for me?
Why am I living?
What’s the meaning for me?
Why am I living?
Track Name: Ain't That The Truth
Am I gonna follow in these footsteps
Left behind by family that have come and gone
I don’t want to be addicted too much and hoard
Memories of these debts and receipts
And I don’t wanna live alone in my home
Without somebody to hold

I’m frail from regret, I don’t fail to forget
Who I was back then, I know I’ve driven many away
But my heart keeps giving, my friends stopped listening
And they all kept dwindling, leaving me unsatisfied
Who’s gonna leave me sanctified?

Ain't that the truth
Ain't that the truth
Ain't that the truth
Ain't that the truth

But this lighthouse can’t keep watching
It can try to bring warmth from our numb
Broken souls that were spared to behold
Your memory, and is this a new way to live
This meaning of life, got to keep moving to relieve
What I’ve done
Without God, on my own, I’m so gone just tell me where’s home
Got to keep myself away because
That is my truth
That is my truth
That is my truth
That is my truth
Track Name: Home
I heard it said that
Home was where the heart is
But how can you know what
Your heart says
If you never felt you belonged
In this moving world
And you try to find direction
But you keep asking questions
When you’re seeking an answer
Then your soul’s wandering alone
Sleeping in the room you call your own
And you wonder where to go

I thought it was in the sanctuary
I thought it was being an actor
I thought it was in my friends
I know more about being honest
Now I’m not sure it’s time to pretend

Have you seen my home?
I’m looking for a place to settle down
And rest, I keep moving around to
No avail, and I don’t know who I got
To call my own, where’s my home?
Track Name: Meaning For Me?
What’s the meaning of me
I got no definition
Parents always tell me I need a purpose
But I suppose I’m tryna find it
Shit, I’m not hiding from
The responsibility, I never had much time
To enjoy and when I was alone
I had to find my way, and when I questioned
My decisions, I was so submissive in my interactions
With this world and who I chose to be
I want to get out of this small town
Drown in the attention I never got
These cold hands and warm heart
Don’t want to lose their soul
I need creative control of my life
And what I own and fuck, I know I was in bloom
Too late

Time is fleeting, mortality is creeping and
Another day goes by without an answer
What’s my problem? Oh what’s my problem?
I’ll never know and these thoughts keep me
Up at night, I’m haunted for life
I don’t know my meaning, and why I am living