Too Good To Be True

by ADG.

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released December 5, 2014



all rights reserved


ADG. Boston, Massachusetts

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Track Name: Too Good To Be True
Been hiding you away baby
From everybody I know baby
Don’t know how we can last maybe
We self-loathe in private baby
I gave you my all or nothing
Feeling so numb, we fuck when I’m not
Trusting, I like when the distance gets you coming
Baby all I want is your lovin, but you don’t
Know if I’m stuntin, any little doubt you got
Vanishes when I take off your top

I know you’re missing my mystery
You’re just another chapter in my history but I could change
Your life for one night
Baby I can get you right

I say it’s too good to be true
When I take my eyes off you
And I send you out the door
You find a man like me to support
You’re just good to be true
Even if I had my eyes on you
You're too good, you're too good

Maybe it’s my fault
You’re too good
Maybe it’s my fault
You go away
But I don’t know who else to blame
All these women I could name
For the cold front I put on
Maybe I’m too far gone off my overthinking
I hate to be so fond of the past, but the present
Got me thinking further of everything we could be
But you know what you want to see
I’ve been letting this go temporary
Don’t miss the void when I carry pussies over
Mixed signals and distance giving me reason to withhold
Been acting 19 when I’m only 22 going on 23
In my prime so I got to let it be
Libido can’t be tamed, don’t try to set me free
I can’t settle down even if I want to, please
Understand I want to leave this worry behind
If you stay loyal, you don’t need to hurry the night
Come on, stay subscribed, we don’t want to lose
Interest in what we can supply

You’re just too good to be true, you have to stay
You’re just too good I got to get my way
You’re just too good for me I grew up
You’re just too good for me I grew up
I grew up