Bad (Rough Cut)

by ADG.

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TAILOR-made to the first girl I lost it all to. Aftermath of three month relationship, this is how I saw it went down. Take it or leave it.

Plus...smooth early 00's R&B flow to this song. Gotta love that Spanish guitar.


Verse 1:
Is it bad girl, I wanted
Benefits from you
After we broke up
We were each other’s first
So I thought it was a sweet fuck
That grew numb, good for some
Lonely days, dependent on a bad bitch
Like you that didn’t know how to fuck
I used to be desperate to commit
But I won’t stick to the shit we built
I’m not hanging on, uhh uhh, I’m not hanging on
To what I fuck, who’s bad

Verse 2:
I must admit on a 1 to 10
You weren’t a certified 20
I’m not having it, girl
You knew how to freak
If you could belly dance
Then bitch you were holding
Back, you became like
Every other girl, pretend to take
Charge but you were indecisive
Until I showed you how you could fuck my rope
And I hit your ass first when we were
On the bunny slope, just wait until I get through
With them so I can tell you once again
I’m so bad, yes I’m bad
Tell me bitch, who’s so bad

And Imma tell it once again
About this feeling I lost along the way
If you only knew the things
You wouldn’t understand
See I can be good for you
But bad when you leave, what kind of
Lonely life will we both lead
See I’ve been down for love but when
I fuck, I give my all away and
Most bitches wanna reject it
Shit, I never thought I could
Be losing it, but I made it my world
To prove to the bitches
Hell what do I do
I’m too conflicted to lead on
Is it bad


released June 7, 2013



all rights reserved


ADG. Boston, Massachusetts

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